1.00 Dollar Coins Collecting US coins is fun! Originally called silver dollars, the dollar coin has been produced since 1776 in a variety of precious metals and mintage images. Dollar coin collecting is very popular when the precious metal in the silver dollar coin was changed from silver to silver clad in 1964 and old coins became highly collectible. As their bullion value rose dramatically, so did collecting silver dollars with higher silver content. like the Morgan dollar and the new gold dollar with Sacagawea featured. With famous Presidents and events like the landing on the moon minted on these dollar coins, collecting dollars of all issues is popular. US dollars issued over the years include:

Morgan Dollar 1878 - 1921 (also called Morgan Silver Dollars)
Peace Dollar 1921 - 1935
Eisenhower Dollar 1971-1978 (also called Ike Dollar or Dwight D Eisenhower Dollar)
Susan B. Anthony Dollar 1979 - 1999
Sacagawea Dollar Coin 2000 - 2002
Presidential Dollar Coin 2001 -2017