Coca Cola Replica - Mini Bottles - Coca Cola bottle history goes back to 1899 with the Hutchinson bottle with a stoppered cap used in 1899. In 1900 antique straight sided Coke bottles were use with a diamond paper label. The Coca Cola logo was embossed on the neck as well. Because of the confusion between bottles, in 1915 the Root bottle was created. This first contour bottle design was modified in 1916 to the streamlined Hobbleskirt bottles we now know. In 1957 The Coca Cola Company perfected one color applied color labeling (ACL) on the now easily recognized contour bottle. By 1986 a two color wrap ACL label was developed with the classic Coca Cola logo. Authentic reproduction 3 inch tall glass Coke bottles filled filled to look like they have real Coke inside. Miniature bottles come individually, in Evolution of the Contour Bottle sets, and special editions. See also How much is my Coke bottle worth?