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Coca Cola Barbies - Dolls

Coca Cola Barbies - Dolls - For Coca Cola collectors and Barbie collectors alike, these great Coca Cola Barbie collectibles are in hot demand! Three different series of Coke Barbies have been produced by Mattel Toys: The Fashion Edition featuring After the Walk Barbie and two others, Summer fun series with the Picnic Barbie, and Soda Fountain series with the Car Hop Barbie, Soda Jerk Ken and rare Soda Fountain display. In addition three other Barbie editions feature favorite Hospitality Santa and the Cheerleader and Majorette Barbies. None are currently being made by Mattel. Also highly collectible are the Madame Alexander Coca-Cola dolls - all retired. Keep checking to see new Coca Cola barbies as they arrive. You'll love the Disney Princess Barbies. See also: Replica Bottles, Puzzles and Games, Playing Cards, Collector Die Cast, and Polar Bear Plush.