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Jim Harrison Coca-Cola Art Prints

Jim Harrison, beloved artist of Coca-Cola landscapes first climbed atop the scaffold in 1952 to paint his first Coca-Cola sign. Little did he know that he was beginning a lifelong love for the Coca-Cola trademark and launching a career as one of American's foremost landscape artists. From his early experiences, Jim developed a passion for preserving the past, especially rural America. He says. "With my paintbrush and pen, I sometimes feel like I'm just one step in front of the wrecking ball. For more than half a century, I have had a love affair with old buildings, old things, and old ways. Preserving them in at least some small way is important to me." Through the years Coca-Cola remained dear to Jim's heart, and he became an avid collector of old Coca-Cola signs. His studio is lined with a vast array of this collection, many of which serve as inspirations in his paintings. Since entering into a licensee relationship with Coca-Cola in 1995, Jim Harrison has developed limited edition prints and other products including canvas transfers, trays, sun catchers, and calendars. Today his studio is located in Denmark, SC. Jim Harrison has also published 6 books and is often invited to speak on the vanishing rural America and his artwork.