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Coca Cola Calendars - Cards

Coca Cola Calendars - Cards - Want to know the history of The Coca-Cola Company? How did they come up with the secret formula? Read about some of the most successful campaigns. In the 1920's, The Coca-Cola Company adopted Santa Claus as a salesman for the idea that "thirst knows no season". In 1931 American Illustrator, Haddon Sundblom painted a new version of Santa that was immediately embraced as the "real Santa". Paintings by Sundblom shaped the modern image of Santa around the world and is one of the most widely recognized images in the world today! The Coke Polar Bear became a global icon when a series of TV commercials first appeared in 1993. This perfect four-legged spokes-bear reminds us that Coke is best served "ice cold" and Coke makes good times spent with family and friends even better! Coca Cola Price Guide gives good background information. And the best in CocaCola images can be found on calendars for home and office! See also Office Supplies.

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