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We ship to Canada everyday. Most of the Coca-Cola products on our website are licensed for Canadian sale and conform to all Canadian import standards. Canadian customers need to know it is your responsibility to pay all duties and taxes for shipments coming into Canada. This amount is NOT included with the shipping charges from Always Collectors Corner and must be paid on delivery.

With the recent changes to Canadian import law, duty and brokerage fees, shipping to Canada just got a little more complicated to find the cheapest rates.

    1. UPS Standard shipments are charged UPS Canadian brokerage fees at the rate listed below. (All fees are listed in Canadian funds).
    2. UPS Worldwide Expedited shipments are NOT charged a brokerage fee. Some packages are not available to ship UPS Expedited because of their size so this option will not be available online as you check out.
    3. Express and Priority Mail shipments through the Post Office have NO brokerage fees. Express Mail comes with $100 worth of insurance free while Priority Mail has NO insurance included. Neither can be tracked once the package leaves the US and if loss or damage occurs, can take 6-8 months for reimbursement from the Post Office.

Note additional taxes, and duty may be determined by Canadian Customs at the time of import. Download Complete UPS Canadian Brokerage Fee PDF

UPS Canadian brokerage fees
Value for Duty
Brokerage Fee
Air Shipments
$ 0.00 to $20.00
$20.01 to $40.00
$40.01 to $100.00
$100.01 to $200.00
$200.01 to $350.00
$350.01 to $500.00
$500.01 to $750.00
$750.01 to $1000.00
Each Additional $1000

How to Calculate

Example: You have a package with $189.95 in products. The shipping cost for UPS Standard is $39.15 while the UPS Expedited is $62.45. Which way will cost you less? To determine, ask yourself these questions-

    1. What are the brokerage fees? The duty value of your package (only the products) is $189.95 so Brokerage fees are $29.00.
    2. What is the difference between UPS Standard and Expedited? $23.30

So it would cost you less to send your package UPS Expedited with free brokerage fees than to send by UPS Standard even though it is a lower rate for shipping.

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How to Enter Canadian Addresses

Fill out all the fields exactly as you want your shipping label to read. Do not use all caps or all lower case as this may delay delivery of your order. Select Outside US for the state. Enter your Province in the Other State/Province field using only the 2 digit abbreviation:

Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
Newfoundland and Labrador NL
Northwest Territories NT
Nova Scotia NS
Nunavut NU
Ontario ON
Prince Edward Island PE
Quebec QC
Saskatchewan SK
Yukon YT

Be sure to fill out each line with your complete address. Every line must have an entry including zip code. If you need an extra space, use the Company field.

Fill out the Bill To address side only if your Ship To and Bill To addresses are different. Otherwise, when you save the Bill To side is automatically copied from the Ship To side. Be aware if you fill out any field in the Bill To side, you will have to complete all fields.

Double check all your information is correct before clicking the Continue Button. Check especially your email address so we can communicate with you.