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Check List of Unnumbered Coke Beanies
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Have Year Name Country
1998  McDonald's Owners Convention Coca Cola Beanies (2 Bears)  USA (Cavanagh produced)
1998  Thanks a Million Stockholders Bear  USA (Cavanagh produced)
1998  McDonald's People First* (1 Bear)  USA (Cavanagh produced)
1999  McDonald's Operations Boston Region (1 Bear)  USA (Cavanagh produced)
1999  Prototype Polar Bear with Black Jacket and Red Tie  USA (Cavanagh produced)
1999  NASCAR Coca Cola Racing Family Set of 8 Bean Bags  USA (Cavanagh produced)
-      #18 Bobby Labonte  USA (Cavanagh produced)
-      #20 Tony Stewart  USA (Cavanagh produced)
-      #28 Kenny Irwin  USA (Cavanagh produced)
-      #44 Kyle Petty  USA (Cavanagh produced)
-      #45 Adam Petty (died 2000)  USA (Cavanagh produced)
-      #88 Dale Jarrett  USA (Cavanagh produced)
-      #94 Bill Elliott  USA (Cavanagh produced)
-      #99 Jeff Burton  USA (Cavanagh produced)
2001  Madame Alexander "Off to the North Pole"*  USA (Cavanagh produced bear)
2001  NASCAR Coca Cola Dale Earnhardt Sr & Jr Large Bears*  USA (Cavanagh produced)
2002  Coca Cola Worldwide Olympic Partner Bear 2002 (large)*  USA (Cavanagh produced)
2002  McDonalds Christmas Bear 2002*  USA (Cavanagh produced)
2003  Coca Cola Polar Bear in Bottle 2003*  USA (Cavanagh produced)
2003  Coca Cola Polar Bear in Bottle Santa Hat 2003*  USA (Cavanagh produced)
2004  Coca Cola Worldwide Olympic Partner Bear 2004 (medium)*  USA (Cavanagh produced)
2004  Coca Cola 2004 Athens Olympics Beanie Set*  USA (Cavanagh produced)
Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Coca Cola Beanies
2002  Beverly Hills Coca Cola Polar Bear set of 3*  USA (Beverly Hills Teddy Bear)
2002  Beverly Hills Coca Cola Polar Bear 10" with scarf*  USA (Beverly Hills Teddy Bear)
2002  Beverly Hills Coca Cola Polar Bear 14" with sweater*  USA (Beverly Hills Teddy Bear)
2002  Coca Cola Polar Bear PJ's with Bear*  USA (Beverly Hills Teddy Bear)
2003  Beverly Hills Coca Cola Polar Bear with Smudged Nose 10"*  USA (Beverly Hills Teddy Bear)
2003  Beverly Hills Coca Cola Polar Bear 6"*  USA (Beverly Hills Teddy Bear)
2003  Beverly Hills Coca Cola Penguin 6"*  USA (Beverly Hills Teddy Bear)
2003  Beverly Hills Coca Cola Seal 6"*  USA (Beverly Hills Teddy Bear)
topCavanagh Numbered Coca Cola Beanies

Miscellaneous Coca Cola Beanies
1998  University of Kentucky Wild Cat in Can  USA
1998  Houston Youth Bowling Championship*  USA
1999  Brutus Buckeye in Can  USA
1999  NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Sr Racer Bean Bag Car  USA (Mary Meyers)
1999  NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr Racer Bean Bag Car*  USA (Mary Meyers)
1999  Coca Cola Polar Bear on Sled Bank*  USA
2000  Russ Berrie Exclusive Coca Cola Polar Bear  USA (Russ Berrie)
2000  Coca Cola Beanie Racer with Sound*  USA (Gateway)
2001  McDonald's Owners Convention Bengal Tiger*  USA
2001  Red Wings Octopus Prize*  USA
2001  Subway Christmas Bear*  USA
2001  Domino's Pizza Bear*  USA
2002  NASCAR Driver Bottle Cap Bears*  USA (Team Beans)
2002  Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket "Buzz" Team Beanie*  USA
2002  Univ Georgia Bulldog "Hairy" Team Beanie*  USA
2002  Polar Bear Bank Bottle Prize (+$1) (from vending machines)*  USA
2003 Coca Cola NASCAR Racing Bear*  USA (Team Beans)
2003  Disney Epcot Center Coca Cola Polar Bear*  USA
2005  McDonald Convention Bear in Gold Cape*  USA
2005  Avon Polar Bear with Watch*  USA
topCavanagh Numbered Coca Cola Beanie Babies

The Coca Cola Collector's Club Editions (TCCCC)
Have Year Name Country
1997  Atlanta Chapter TCCCC Christmas Party Moose  USA
1998  Springtime in Atlanta TCCCC Moose  USA
1998  Minneapolis 24th TCCCC Annual Convention Frog  USA
1998  Atlanta Chapter TCCCC Christmas Coke-Ty Deer  USA
1999  Ohio Winterfest TCCCC Bear (numbered)  USA
1999  Springtime in Atlanta Bunny (gray)  USA
1999  Badger Chapter TCCCC Spring Pause Cow  USA
1999  Sun'n'Fun Millennium Bash Bear  USA
1999  Dallas 25th Anniversary TCCCC Convention Horse  USA
1999  Virginia Beach TCCCC Party Dolphin  USA
1999  Choo-Choo Chapter TCCCC Dalmatian  USA
1999  Rocky Mountain TCCCC Set*   USA
1999  NW Georgia TCCCC Merry Christmas Party Cat  USA
1999  Atlanta Chapter TCCCC Christmas Pink Pig  USA
1999  Ohio Valley TCCCC 19th Christmas Monkey (numbered)  USA
1999  Choo-Choo TCCCC Christmas Party Squirrel  USA
2000  Ohio Winterfest TCCCC Mouse  USA
2000  Springtime in Atlanta Bunny (white)*  USA
2000  26th TCCCC National Convention Tye Dyed Bear (Greensboro)*  USA
2000  Great Lakes Fall Fest TCCCC Moose*  USA
2000  Choo Choo Connection 2000 Cat*  USA
2000  Choo Choo TCCCC Christmas Party Skunk*  USA
2000  Atlanta TCCCC Christmas Party Mouse*  USA
2001  Ohio Winterfest Bear* (numbered)  USA
2001  Springtime in Atlanta Bunny* (plush/not bean bag)  USA
2001  Springtime in Atlanta Duck*  USA
2001  Smokeyfest TCCCC Black Bear*  USA
2001  27th TCCCC Convention Alligator (Orlando)*  USA
2001  Great Lakes Fall Fest TCCCC Leopard*  USA
2002  Ohio Winterfest Eagle*  USA
2002  Springtime in Atlanta Hound Dog*  USA
2002  28th TCCCC Convention Red Bear (Palm Springs)*  USA
2005  Springtime in Atlanta Blue Bear* (plush)  USA
2005  31st TCCCC Convention 2005 Seal with Ring*  USA
2007  33rd TCCCC Convention 2007 Horse with Bandana* top USA

Coca Cola Foreign Editions
Have Year Name Country
1997  Hungry Jacks Buddy Bears (girl/boy bear)  Australia
1997  Burger King Buddy Bears (2 sets girl/boy bears)  New Zealand
1998  Village Cinema Bears (girl/boy bear)  Australia
1998  McDonalds Australian Bear*  Australia
1998  Australian Kmart Set of 4  Australia
1998  English Coca Cola Can  England
1998  Israel Polar Bear*  Israel
1999  Chinese New Year Bunnies (set of 4)  Australia
1999  German Polar Bear in a Can  Germany
1999  German Trink Bear  Germany
1999  Hong Kong Family of 4 Bears  Hong Kong
1999  English Polar Bear Bear with Red Scarf  England
1999  English Coca Cola Seal (white)*  England/Cyrk Coca Cola Employees Only
1999  English Burger King Bear  England
1999  Mickey Coke Bean Bag  England
1999  German Penguin with Scarf & Cap  Germany
1999  German Polar Bear in a Can 2nd Edition  Germany
1999  Hong Kong Pair of Bears  Hong Kong
1999  Hong Kong Prototype Pair of Seals*  Hong Kong
1999  Thai Burger King Bear*  Thailand
1999  Australian Christmas Set of 4  Australia
1999  AMF Australian Bowler Bear  Australia
1999  English Christmas Collection in Box*  England
1999  Israel International Collection (10)*  Israel
2000  Mexico Set of 4*  Mexico
2000  Aussie AFL Set of 16 Football Teams  Australia
2000  Germany Spring Set of 8  Germany
2000  Aussie Olympics Set of 5 Bears*  Australia
2000  English Coca Cola Seal (gray)*  England/Cyrk Coca Cola Employees Only
2000  German "Eisenbar" Snow Bears*  Germany
2000  German Polar Bear in Backpack 3rd Edition*  Germany
2000  German Christmas Moose Set of 3*  Germany
2000  German Giant Moose Prize*  Germany
2000  Austria McDonalds Polar Bear*  Austria
2000  Singapore Bears in Cans Set of 4*  Singapore
2000  Hong Kong Set of Sports Bears*  Hong Kong
2000  English Isles Collection in Truck Box*  England (Cavanagh produced)
2000  Brazil Olympic Athletes Set of 10 large Bears*  Brazil
2002  Coca Cola Italy Bear in Can 2002*  Italy
2003  Japanese Coca Cola Disney Mickey Prize 2003*  Japan
topCavanagh Numbered Coca Cola Beanie Babies

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