Coca-Cola Scrapbooking Stickers - Santa and Bottles

Coca-Cola Scrapbooking Stickers - Santa and Bottles


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Featuring the famous Coca-Cola Santa these great vinyl Coca-Cola sheets of stickers every Coca-Cola collector will love. This large 8.5 inches x 11 inches sheet of 11 Coke stickers are filled with bright favorite Coca-Cola logos and icons. These stickers are removable, die-cut, stain and sun resistant, even dishwasher safe if you are adventuresome! So scrapbookers, sticker lovers of all ages, and Coke fans can use these stickers for fun and decoration anywhere you wish! You can even make Coke giftwrap and notecards! Note - dashed lines approximate the die-cut lines and do not appear on the sticker sheets. Includes FREE Standard Shipping in the US.