White Plush Coca-Cola Polar Bear 16 Inches

White Plush Coca-Cola Polar Bear 16 Inches

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This large white plush Coca-Cola bear will bring a smile to every face. Standing 16 inches tall, this famous Coca-Cola advertising icon will please every Coca-Cola collector, teddy bear lover, and Coke polar bear fan! This polar bear has shiny black glass eyes, a black plush nose and super-soft surface-washable fur. Comes with a red disk badge with the Coca-Cola script logo appliqued on his right hip. Soft snuggly fur invites a hug! Never touched or played with, completely clean new Coca-Cola polar bear! This Coca-Cola polar bear is new, never touched, and completely clean. See the many sizes and styles of Coke polar bear plush.  

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