Refrigerated Coca-Cola Cooler Chest

Refrigerated Coca-Cola Cooler Chest

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The famous Westinghouse Junior Coca-Cola machine of the 1930s-1950s inspired this refrigerator chest. This replica of a vintage Coke machine's classic design and it is perfect for home use size has made it a favorite of collectors today. The cooler has a modern refrigeration unit to cool the box and holds 80 cans of soda. Westinghouse produced this machine with no bottle mechanism or coin mechanism so it was primarily used in supervised establishments where someone was around to collect the money. This Coke vending machine was made exclusively for Coca-Cola, no other brands were produced. One of the attractions of this machine is it's beautiful and plentiful embossing, it has the Coke logo on all four sides as well as under the lid so it could be read when the top was opened. Additionally, it has ICE COLD embossed on the front and back. It's made in metal, the rubber seals under the lid are screwed, the cap catcher and bottle opener are exactly like the original and we even included wheels on the bottom like the original for easy movement. It's brilliant red color and contrasting white embossing makes it a beautiful addition to the home, recreation room, patio or office. Capacity: 80 cans of soda, Tank: Aluminum, Body: Pressed steel, Finish: Chip resistant, rust resistant, non-toxic powder coating, Insulation: Foam. Size: 35.25 inches high, 25.25 inches wide and 17.75 inches deep, Box Size: 39.50 inches high, 30.00 inches wide and 22.00 inches deep, Weight: 100 lbs.   Allow 5-7 days for delivery. Drop ships from manufacturer only. No express shipping. Continental US only.