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Aluminum - Crystal - Gold Bottles

Coca Cola Aluminum - Crystal - Gold Bottles - are the high point of any bottle collection. The newest Aluminum Coke bottles are classic contour shape with modern images and designs. Gold and Silver bottles are made from an actual 8 oz glass contour bottle finished in mirror smooth gold or silver plating with individually numbered certificate or tag. Crystal bottles are made from solid 24% lead crystal to exact dimension of the famous Christmas bottle of 1923. Special Crystal bottles have been issued for the Olympics, grand opening of the World of Coca-Cola stores, and other special occasions - always in very low numbers. Test bottles for each of the 4 flavors (Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Classic Coke, and Sprite) were issued to test the market in 4 American cities. Some original styles failed because the aluminum was too thin and ruptured in machines.