Coca Cola Bean Bag Plush - What do you get when you put together the most recognizable trademark in the world, Coca-Cola, and the top collection passion, bean bags? These bean bag plush are a dream come true for collectors. From the favorite polar bear ads, these North Pole stars remain one of the best loved advertising spokesmen of all time. Cavanagh first introduced these bean bags in 1997 with an ever-expanding Mass line until 2002. A Gift (Heritage) Line was added in in 1998 with special sets centered on a single theme - like careers, sports, and the most popular NASCAR Racing Family bears. Exclusive Coca Cola bean bags were produced for stores, events, and club memberships from 1997 until 2000. In 1999 the International Collection featuring 60 animals from various countries opened up a whole new market. The rarest of all Coca Cola Bean Bags were given exclusively to members of The Coca Cola Collector's Club, these remain the most collectible and hardest to find of all. Many unusual Coca-Cola beanies have been produced for Foreign consumption for sale without a world tour being required.